Friday, October 23, 2009

Figure Drawing Recap

Ah I haven't updated my schoolwork on here yet so here is some of the figure drawings I've been doing. We do figure drawing from 9am - 4pm with small breaks and a 1 hour lunch break in between. After lunch the models usually dress up in costume. I am ... really lazy when it comes to getting back pieces that were taken to put up on display so I am missing one or two that I really like. I'll put those up later.

Here is what I did last week(warning experimenting with color ... since I usually don't do color hah):

I'm not good or tall at taking pictures so my shadow is vignetting some of these.
Other then the first, they were all drawn the week before last.

Doing Figure Drawing today in the morning, can't wait. Also Shane Acker from 9 is coming as a guest lecture. Didn't watch it but I'll go anyway. Last time it was James Gurney (Dinotopia - totally awesome and there was quite alot of idol worship going around) and before was Mark Andrews (does storyboard for a shitload of movies - totally great. He did a demo storyboard which was really cool :D )

Anyway I'll post more pictures such as cube and room later. Hah so behind on the whole CalArts journey blog thing XD


  1. whoa!! love the color experiments! we only started with charcoal recently ;___;

  2. ;_; that suuucks. figure drawing class for us there are no limits so we experiment alot.

  3. heyy there, i'm kari and i found your blog from tiffany's. ;3
    these figure drawings are beauuuutiful! why wouldn't you use color more often, you're so good at it. o-o

    i'm a calarts character animation hopeful for fall 2010, if you have the chance i would love any advise on my figure drawings on my blog. (:
    And I would really love to see your accepted portfolioooo.

    But I'm sure you're super busy so I completely understand if you don't have the time. Can't wait to see more drawings from you. c: