Monday, November 22, 2010


Oh hot dang CTN Expo was hella fun. I got a lot of critiques on how to improve my portfolio and met a lot of really neat artists. Got to see really cool panels/lectures (really liked the Ronnie del Carmen one) missed some though. I really wanted to see the Daisuke Tsutsumi one but like left the line for a sec with a friend so she could buy something and before we knew it they already went in and overflow was already packed.

Everyone was so good and it got me pumped and depressed at the same time but still... have two years left to like be an animation monster. I also spent like crazy. Man, my wallet was so light after CTN. I bought so much but they are all worth it. I was so happy to be able to find M. Sasek's This is Edinburgh and Sergio Toppi's Sharaz-de and a reduced price of Claire Wendling's Drawers 2.0 (cause it has an invisible damage). I also got a bunch more but I'd feel too guilty to list them all since ... I spent a ridiculous amount of money in the span of three days.

On another note here are some stuff I did last week for figure drawing and a collection of brush doodles I did with my awesome kuretake brush pen.
I LOVE THE KURETAKE BRUSH PEN.. i haven't used any other brush pen before but I really love how this can go dry and wet and has such lovely thin and thick lines. Seriously I think these sketches only look nice because of the pen cause it's friggin awesome! If you are persuaded by my love for it go to jetpens because they have it at the lowest price and have nice service.

Figure Drawing assignment was Munchkins hence the Lollipop Guild and the Lullaby League. And the top I was just drawing Noh mask people... they could be munchkins in a.. Kabuki Oz.

Please Please Please click on the one above to see the bigger version. This thumbnail is ass... it's too small to see anything. Anyway this is not a munchkin, this was part of a gesture set in the first half of class.

I probably won't update again until next week after thanksgiving and everything. I'm really looking forward to going back home to norcal... not so excited to go on an 8 hour bus ride up there.


  1. ahahah cat i just bought a PURPLE METALLIC BRUSH PEN cause it was on sale at blick

    it was actually good quality

    but it wouldn't be so bad to have two brush pens i guess lol

    you've convinced me, i think i'll buy it later

    ahhh i've been meaning to write a blog post about ctn also

  2. these are awesome, love the first and last page