Tuesday, April 26, 2011


YAY films are done :D

I really wish i did a better job with my film .. but i'm a lazy ass and shouldn't expect miracles to happen. I should have worked harder on story and animating my weak points and it shows so much in my film. The story is so dumb, timing is shit and animating is shittier. Ah so yea... i'm not pleased with my film.

Here are some stuff i did for my film that I don't feel ashamed to show:

The film is more like the last image. It's not completely in b&w but it was colored that way and then i had colorful overlays to get a sepia/amber look.


  1. These are really nice! I love the look of these images and the little of bit color looks lovely. :) Can't wait to see it at the open show!

  2. Hope you'll post it on vimeo at some point. These backgrounds are gorgeous and I think you might just be your harshest critic.

  3. Even if your not happy with the final product you still finished your second year film which is a big accomplishment, and these designs/layouts look great! I'm definitely looking forward to your film in the open show on saturday.